Ad Alta School

Pushing the boundaries towards academic excellence!

Ad Alta School provides a range of co-curricular facilities as part of the timetable, suited to the ages of the students.

Science & Computer Labs

  1. The subject range offered at Ad Alta necessitates well equipped and quality labs. It is for this reason that we have a well-equipped computer lab and science labs. These have all the equipment and materials to meet the requirement of various subjects.
  2. Ad Alta makes extensive use of audio visual aids in pursuance of its educational curriculum. The school is equipped with OHPs, multimedia projectors, DVD/VHS players, televisions and cameras.

Art & Craft

Students are given the opportunity to experience and practise various methods and techniques which enable them to enjoy their creativity and good craftsmanship. Special emphasis is placed on how to do various things rather than to learn what things are done.

Educational & Recreational Trips

One to two trips are organized per school year. These trips have both educational and recreational value. Students visit places such as parks and lakes, museums, markets, banks, law courts, factories, radio stations, airports, army bases, hotels and restaurants.


The aim of our music lessons is to cultivate taste and appreciation of music among our students. Our children deserve access to the enjoyment and relaxation which music can bring to them. For this, our schools hold regular music lessons starting from the nursery classes.

Physical Fitness & Games

Physical exercises are part of the regular timetable for all students. We have large school grounds, well-equipped for all types of sporting activities.

Sports & Debates

  1. Participation in sports is compulsory for all able-bodied students.
  2. The school offers facilities in the following sports: Cricket, football, badminton, athletics, gymnastics, aerobics and table tennis etc.
  3. Debate competitions are held on a regular basis during the school term.