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School fee slips are given to Students on the first of every month and are to be deposited by the 10th of the month.
  • Fee slips are sent to parents through the pupils. If the fee slip is not received by the parent, it should be assumed that the pupil has misplaced it and the parent MUST contact the School regarding this matter.
  • In case fee slip is lost/misplaced, a charge of Rs 20 is made to prepare a duplicate slip.
  • If the fee is paid by cheque and the cheque is returned unpaid by the bank, a charge of Rs 1000 is made to cover administrative costs in addition to the late fee charges (if applicable).
  • Fees are collected on a monthly basis. Fees are to be submitted to the Allied bank branch specified on the Fee form. Fees paid after the due date will incur a penalty charge.
  • If the fees are not paid for 2 months , the student will be struck of the register.
  • Readmission will only take place after payment of admission fees and all remaining dues are submitted to the office.
  • Every year there will be a 8-12% increment in the School Fee.
  • The tuition fee, once paid, is not refundable irrespective of whether the student leaves the course voluntarily or is asked to leave the course on academic, discipline or any other grounds. The same applies to students whose examination entries are not sent by the School and who may or may not enter any examination privately.
  • Students who join the School during the month, are charged full fee for the month.
  • Withdrawal from the School requires at least 3 months’ notice or 3 months’ fee in lieu of notice. School Leaving Certificates/results etc are not issued without compliance with this rule.